Polished Diamonds

polished diamonds nasielski diamonds

  • Round Brilliant cut and fancy shapes

  • All the sizes, from sieve 000 (less than 0.01crt) to 10 carat stones and larger

  • All colors, from D color to cape, different shades and fancy colors

  • All purities from flawless to heavy piqué

  • All major certificates: GIA HRD IGI

Rough Diamonds

Buying the rough from the best possible source allows us to keep the consistency and best possible value for our final product: the polished diamond. Our modern technology and manufacturing techniques enables us to keep a flexible flow of goods in production with the permanent focus on our customer’s needs.

The consistency of the assortments and continuity of supply allows our customers to rely on us for all their Diamond needs. Our longstanding skill in providing the right goods at the best possible value to our customers is your guarantee.

Nasielski Diamonds is dedicated to providing consistent and brilliant products and services to our customers at outstandingly competitive prices.

Our focus on business integrity & purity makes Nasielski Diamonds the ideal partner.
It allows us to select the right suppliers & business partners and establish mutually beneficial long term relationships.
It’s actually very clear cut: we are committed to upholding our most cherished values and principles in all business dealing we engage in.
We align our inventory to your needs.